Thailand has the distinction a mong sountheast asian countries. Of never having been colonized. Neither has it suffered civil war nor the raciat conflicts that have at one-time or another. Siam is the name by which the country war know to the world until 1939. On may '11 1949 am offical proclamation changed the name of the country to Phathet Thai or Thailand By which it has since know the world Thai means free therefore Thailand means land of free.


Thailand situated in the heart of sountheast asia mainland and covering an area of 513,115 sq.km. Thailand borders the Lao people's democratic republic and Myanmar to the north. Cambodia and the gulf of Thailand to the east. Myanmar and Indian ocean to the west. Malaysia to the south. Thailand has maximum dimensions of a bout 2,500 km. north to the south and 1,250 km. east to west with a coastline of approximately 1,840 km. on the gulf of Thailand and 865 km. along the indian ocean.

Thailand is a warm and rather humid tropical country. The climate is monsoonal marked by a pronounced rainy season lasting from about May to September. And a relatively dry season for the remainder of the year. Temperatures are highest in March and April. And lowest in December and January. The average temperature is 23.7oc to 32.5oc

The population of Thailand is approximately 66 mollion (2012), with an annual growth rate of appoximatery 1.3 percent. The population includes ethnic Chinese, Malays, Camboians, Vietnamese, Indias, and others. Immigration is controlled by a quota system.

Buddhism, the national religion, is the professed faith of 95% of the population. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and others are embraced by the rest of the population. There is absolute religions freedom. The King of Thailand, under the constitution and in practice, is patron of all major religions embraced by the people.

The official national language, spoken by almost 100% of the population, is Thai. It is a tonal language, uninflected, and predominantly monosyllabic. Most polysyllabic words in the vocabulary have been borrowed, mainly from Khmer, Pali, or Sanskrit. Dialects are spoken in rural areas. Other languages are Chinese and Malay. English, a mandatory subject in public school, is widely spoken and understood, particularly in Bangkok and other major cities.




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